Three from The Double - Demo Submission

Please consider my demo submission: three pieces from The Double, my second (and completed) album. I describe The Double as ‘arthouse electronic and ambient’. It is an album of 'literary music', of uncanny soundscapes and powerful melodicism, using a singular blend of organic and synthetic instrumentation within electronic and contemporary classical musical idioms. Some tracks employ spoken-word elements in the form of synthesised speech and found samples, adding to the album's cinematic character. The Double takes its title from the short story collection by the Australian author Maria Takolander. Three tracks on the album sample (with the author's permission) text from this collection.

The three tracks below give a sense of the album’s style and range. ‘Modern Nature’ fuses electronica and sampling in a mix of complex rhythms and sweeping lyricism. ‘The Obscene Bird of Night 2’ situates text-to-speech synthesis in an uncanny musical soundscape. ‘Not to Disturb’ illustrates a mesmerising ambient aesthetic at work.

The album cover art is by the Melbourne artist, Michele Burder.

I am currently completing my third album, tentatively titled The Night Editor.

The Double - Track Listing (39:00)

6. Seeds (3:01)

7. The Obscene Bird of Night 1 (4:08)

8. The Obscene Bird of Night 2 (5:08)

9. Not to Disturb (5:01)

10. Available Light (2:44)

1. Modern Nature (4:04)

2. Three Sisters (4:07)

3. The Double (3:05)

4. Tabucchi (3:40)

5. The New World (4:31)


I have produced a music video clip of 'Modern Nature', which can be viewed below. My video production skills can also be used for publicity purposes.

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Artwork by Michele Burder

Artwork by Michele Burder