David McCooey - The Double - Electronic Press Kit

'McCooey has a phenomenal ear for the unknown and seems unafraid to leap into waters that many would deem too deep; and it pays off, as he ends up with an incredibly memorable album in his hands', Piano & Coffee Co.

'...blends together [McCooey's] writing and music and soundscapes to create an almost cinematic quality...' Pop Vulture on Outside Broadcast


The Double -


Arthouse Electronic & Ambient

The Double, the second album by the Australian musician and composer, David McCooey, is an album of powerful, postclassical melodicism and uncanny soundscapes, blending organic and synthetic instrumentation. In part an homage to the short story collection of the same name by the acclaimed Australian author Maria Takolander, The Double uses found samples, voice-to-speech synthesis, and inventive production techniques to form new mesmerising sonic spaces.

The album cover art is by the Melbourne artist, Michele Burder.

David McCooey is a composer and musician, as well as a prize-winning poet and critic. He was classically trained in guitar. He is a self-taught audio producer, skilfully employing innovative production techniques and showing expertise in synthesis, as seen in The Double. His first album, Outside Broadcast (2013), brought together electronica and spoken-word, in the tradition of Brian Eno's Drums Between the Bells.

His music has been broadcast widely on ABC Radio National. (You can hear an interview with him by Andrew Ford on The Music Show here.) His work has appeared in an exhibition in the UK, and was part of an audio-visual installation at this year's Geelong After Dark event in Australia. He is currently completing his third album, The Night Editor. He is a professor of writing and literature at Deakin University in Victoria, Australia. You can read his Wikipedia entry here

He is available for interview: david.mccooey@iinet.net.au.

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Watch David McCooey's video for 'Modern Nature', from The Double.

Promotional video for The Double (45 seconds)