The Limits of Autobiography published by Routledge

The Limits of Life Writing, edited by David McCooey and Maria Takolander, has recently been published by Routledge. The collection includes essays by leaders in the field of life writing, such as Gillian Whitlock and Kate Douglas, and it offers new insights into the nature of auto/biographical writing in contemporary culture. It attends to various 'liminal forms' of life writing, including magical-realist fiction, graphic memoir, confessional poetry, and personal blogs.

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David McCooey on Fay Zwicky

David McCooey's essay on Fay Zwicky, has appeared in a special issue of Westerly magazine dedicated to the memory of the Western Australian poet. The special issue, which is free, is edited by Dennis Haskell, and features work by John Kinsella, Lucy Dougan, and others. Click below to go to Westerly's site, where you can download the special issue.