'McCooey has a phenomenal ear for the unknown and seems unafraid to leap into waters that many would deem too deep; and it pays off, as he ends up with an incredibly memorable album in his hands', Piano & Coffee Co.


New Album by David McCooey: The Double

'Here come the starlings...'

David McCooey's new album, The Double, is now available through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and other digital platforms. The Bandcamp edition includes the video clip for 'Modern Nature', the album's opening track.

The Double is an album of powerful melodicism and uncanny soundscapes, blending organic and synthetic instrumentation. In part an homage to the short story collection of the same name by the acclaimed Australian author Maria TakolanderThe Double uses found samples, voice-to-speech synthesis, and inventive production techniques to form new mesmerising sonic spaces.

The album cover art is by the Melbourne artist, Michele Burder.