Below is a full list of publications by David McCooey.



Artful Histories: Modern Australian Autobiography, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1996 (republished 2009).


Edited Works:

As Deputy General Editor: Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature, gen. ed. Nick Jose, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2009. Published internationally as The Literature of Australia, Norton, New York, 2009.



Star Struck, UWAP Poetry, Nedlands, 2016.

Outside, Salt Publishing, London, 2011.

Graphic, Whitmore Press, Geelong, 2010.

Blister Pack, Salt Publishing, Cambridge, 2005.



Outside Broadcast, audio digital download, 2013.


Book Chapters

‘Australia and New Zealand’, The Cambridge Companion to Postcolonial Poetry, ed. Jahan Ramazani, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, in press.

‘Poetry as Public Speech: Three Traces’, Poetry and the Trace, ed. Ann Vickery and John Hawke, Puncher & Wattmann, Sydney, 2013, pp. 412-23.

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‘Neither Here Nor There: Suburban Voices in Australian Poetry’, Writing the Everyday: Australian Literature and the Limits of Suburbia, ed. Andrew McCann, University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, 1998, pp. 101-14.


Refereed Journal Articles

‘“This Voice”: The Poetry of Knowing and Not Knowing’, Axon 6 (2014):

‘Poetry, Terrorism, and the Uncanny: ‘Timothy McVeigh’s “Invictus”’, Criticism (USA), 54.4 (2012): 485-505.

‘Poets, Apples, and Androids’ (Original title: ‘The Applications of Poetry: Mobile Apps and Digital Poetics’), Australian Poetry Journal 2.1 (2012): 97-110.

‘Fear of Music: Sounded Poetry and the “Poetry Soundtrack”’, Axon 2 (2012):

David McCooey & David Lowe, ‘Autobiography in Australian Parliamentary First Speeches’, Biography 33.1 (2010): 68-83. (50%)

‘Poetry and Public Speech: Three Traces’, JASAL 9 (2009): 1-11.

‘Going Public: A Decade of Australian Autobiography’, Australian Book Review 281 (2006): 25-31. Reprinted in Reading Down Under: Australian Literary Studies Reader, ed. Amit Sarwal & Reema Sarwal, Authorspress, New Dheli, 2009, pp. 329-38.

Maria Takolander & David McCooey, ‘“You Can’t Say No to the Beauty and the Beast”: Shrek and Ideology’, Papers: Explorations into Children’s Literature 15.1 (2005): 5-14. (50%)

‘Surviving Australian Poetry: The New Lyricism’, Blue Dog: Australian Poetry 4.7 (2005): 62-70. Also published in Agenda: Australian Issue 41.1-2 (2005): 22-37 and the Poetry International Website (2007).

‘Marginalia: The Public Life of Australian Poetry’, The TEXT Special Issue Website Series 4 (2005), ed. Wenche Ommundsen & Maria Takolander.

Maria Takolander & David McCooey, ‘Fakes, Literary Identity and Public Culture’, JASAL 3 (2004): 57-65. (50%)

‘Local Elegies: Laurie Duggan and the World’, Agenda (UK) 41.1/2 (2005): 162-68.

‘Dead Ends: Notes on Self, Death and Representation’, Meanjin 57.1 (1998): 60-75.

‘“What Is Gone Is Not Gone”: Intimations in the Poetry of Thomas Shapcott’, Australian Literary Studies 18.1 (1997): 21-30.

‘Leisure and Grief: The Recent Poetry of Chris Wallace-Crabbe’, Australian Literary Studies, 17 (1996): 332-343.

‘“Secret Truths”: The Poetry of Kevin Hart’, Southerly 55.4 (1995/96): 109-21.

‘Still Life: Art and Nature in Vivian Smith's Poetry’, Australian Literary Studies, 17 (1995): 157-165.

“‘Looking into Landscape”: The Elegiac Art of Rosemary Dobson’, Westerly, 40 (1995): 15-25.

‘Australian Autobiographies of Childhood: Beginning and Myth’, Southerly, 55 (1995): 123-145.

‘Parents, Crisis and Education: Jill Ker Conway’s The Road from Coorain’, Australian & New Zealand Studies in Canada 11 (1994): 91-102.


Un-refereed Journal Articles/Review Essays

‘Review: You Can’t Be Serious’, Australian Poetry Journal, 1.1 (2011): 94-99.

‘Rosemary Dobson’s “The Continuance of Poetry”’, the Australian Literature Compendium website, 2008.

‘Local Elegies: Laurie Duggan and the World’, Agenda (UK) 41.1/2 (2005): 162-68.

‘Editorial: Life Writing and the Public Sphere’, Life Writing 1.2 (2004): 7-9.

David McCooey & Justin Clemens, ‘Local &/or General: Australia, Theory’, Salt 15 (2003): 132-44. (50%)

‘“...Quince Tree, Birds, Light Shows, Rains, Everything”’, Southerly 63.1 (2003): 213-20.

‘Always Disappearing’, Westerly 48 (2003): 74-84.

‘Opaque Lucidity’, Meanjin 62.1 (2003): 44-51.

‘Particularities: Reading Laurie Duggan’, The Ardent Sun 1 (2002): 12-17.

‘Lives of the Poets’, Meanjin 61.1 (2002): 104-13.

‘In’, Heat 3 (New Series, 2002): 233-40.

‘Infidelity: The Monkey’s Mask in Poetry and Film’ (‘The La Trobe University Essay’), Australian Book Review 230 (2001): 30-34.

‘“What Are We Doing Here?”: A.D. Hope’s “Ascent into Hell”’, Southerly 61.1 (2001): 112-16.

‘An Interview with Laurie Duggan’, The Literary Review (USA) 45.1 (2001): 126-37.

David McCooey & Justin Clemens, ‘Biothanatophilia: A Speculative Disquisition on the Very Notion and Practice of Literary Collaboration’ (‘The University of Melbourne Archives Essay’), Meanjin 59.4 (2000): 127-39. (50%)

‘Placing the House in Modern Australian Autobiography’, The Literary Half-Yearly (India) 1 (1997): 91-102.

‘New Poets, New Poetry’, Southerly 57.1 (1997): 200-11.

‘By the Sea: Some Recent Australian Poetry’, Southerly 56.4 (1996/97): 253-61.

‘Intersecting Worlds: An Interview with Kevin Hart’, Meridian 15 (1996): 23-37.

‘An Interview with Chris Wallace-Crabbe’, Australian Literary Studies, 17 (1996): 377-82.

‘An Interview with Vivian Smith’, Australian Literary Studies, 17 (1995): 182-86.


Reference Works

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Refereed Conference Papers

‘Blank Page: The Location of Creativity’, The Strange Bedfellows or Perfect Partners Papers: The Refereed Proceedings of the 15th conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs, 2010, ed. Catherine Cole, Marcelle Freiman & Donna Lee Brien, The Australian Association of Writing Programs, Guyra, NSW, 2010,

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‘My Life as a Joke: Comic Australian Autobiography’, Current Tensions: Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference, ed. Sharyn Pearce & Philip Neilsen, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, 1996, pp.57-63.


Minor Creative Work

Audio poetry (‘poetry soundtracks’: original poetry, music and sound design):

‘Car’, ‘Another A.M. Dream’, ‘A.M.’, ‘Another Dream’, Axon 2 (2012):

‘Collective Hypnosis’, Cordite 36 (2011):

‘A.M.’ Going Down Swinging 26 (2008), track 9 (CD). ‘A.M.’ also broadcast on ABC Radio National’s ‘Poetica’ program (‘Audio/file/poets/#8’, 23rd August 2008).

‘Illness’, Going Down Swinging 25 (2008), disc 1, track 24 (CD).


Print poetry:

‘Animal Studies’ (print + audio), Kenyon Review, in press.

‘What Light Is’, ‘For Maria’, Contemporary Australian Poetry, ed. Martin Langford, Judith Beveridge, Judy Johnson & David Musgrove, Puncher & Wattmann, Melbourne, in press.

‘Pink Moon’, The Western Australian Poetry Anthology, ed. Tracy Ryan & John Kinsella, Fremantle Arts, in press.

‘The Doll’s House’, The Hunter Anthology of Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry, ed. Jessica L Wilkinson and Bonny Cassidy, Hunter, in press.

‘Whaling Station Redux’, ‘Europe’, Mascara Literary Review 19 (2016):

‘Invisible Cities’, Meanjin 75.3 (2016): 125.

‘Not to Disturb’, ‘Music for Hospitals’, Island 146 (2016): 78-79.

‘Mick & Bianca Jagger, Newlyweds’, Australian Book Review 382 (2016): 59.

‘Intensive Care (ii)’, Cordite Poetry Review 55 (‘Future machines’) August 2016,`turemachines/intensive-care-ii/

‘Election’, Writing to the Wire, ed. Dan Disney & Kit Kelen, UWA Publishing, Perth, 2016, p. 67.

‘Available Light’, ‘Summer Nights, Walking’, ‘Early Photographs’, ‘Darkness Speaks’, ‘Human Nature’, ‘Letter to Ken Bolton’, Double Dialogues, 18 (‘Lighting Our Way’), 2016,

‘Jim Morrison’s Aubade’, Cordite Poetry Review, ‘The End’, February 2016,

‘How to Be a Better Elvis’, The Best Australian Poems 2015, ed. Geoff Page, Black Inc, Melbourne, p. 106.

‘Monody: Joni Mitchell Recalls Laurel Canyon’; ‘How to Be a Better Elvis’, Australian Poetry Journal, 5.1 (2015): 86.

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‘Collective Hypnosis’, Southerly 69.2 (2009): 51.

‘A.M.’, The Age, 5th December 2009, A2, p. 29.

‘A.M.’ and ‘Night Frequencies’, Prosopisia 2.1 (2009): 8-9.

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‘Heaven’, ‘Evening’, and ‘More Mutant Proverbs’, Southerly 67.1/2 (2007): 284-86.

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‘Illness’ (‘poetry soundtrack’: original poetry, music and sound design), Going Down Swinging 25 (2007), disc 1, track 24 (CD edition).

‘Anger’, The Best Australian Poems 2006, ed. Dorothy Porter, Black Inc, Melbourne, 2006, p. 127.

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‘An Essay on Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining’, The Best Australian Poetry 2007, ed. John Tranter, University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, 2007, pp. 37-38. First published in Southerly 66.1 (2006): 47-48.

‘Notes on Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey’ and ‘An Essay on Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining’, Southerly 66.1 (2006): 49-51.

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‘Powerful Poetry Linked with Australia’, (obituary for Rosemary Dobson), The Age, 4 July 2012, p. 14, (Also published as ‘Poet Espoused Tradition, Yet Remained Distinct’, Sydney Morning Herald, 3 July 2012, Timelines, p. 16).



‘Night Frequencies’, Moving Galleries travelling exhibition of art and poetry on 40 Connex trains (Melbourne), June-November, 2009.


Edited volumes

‘States of Poetry’ (Victoria), Australian Book Review, in press and online:

Life Writing (‘Life Writing and the Public Sphere’) 1.2 (2004).

Space: New Writing. Editor: Anthony Lynch. Associate Editor: David McCooey. Three issues: 2004, 2005, 2006.



Scores of book reviews in national and international newspapers and journals.